LinBrasil is exclusively dedicated to the work of Sergio Rodrigues and has 56 pieces of furniture in its portfolio, including the most iconic ones created by the master throughout his 60-year career in furniture design. The company was created by entrepreneur Gisèle Pereira Schwartsburd. Coming from a family of furniture makers, Gisèle studied Industrial Design at the Federal University of Paraná but decided to dedicate herself to dance and theater. In 1999, when visiting an exhibition in a mall in Rio de Janeiro, he rethought his trajectory.

“It’s been a long time since I saw Sergio Rodrigues’ armchairs live. I was reenchanted with its Brazilianness, the Brazilian culture inserted in a furniture of modern design, the solid wood, the fittings, the curved and sensual lines. However, there was nowhere I could buy his creations. The market was dominated at that time by globalized design, and the genius of the master was inaccessible”, reports Gisèle.

She then decided to turn to the serial edition of Sergio Rodrigues’ furniture, which came to fruition in 2001. Gisèle innovated in the Brazilian scenario by becoming a publisher, and not a manufacturer or merchant, believing that in this way she could deepen her work.

Production is carried out through partnerships with selected industries. Much attention is paid to the manufacturing quality, which follows the original molds and models and has started to incorporate the use of state-of-the-art CNC machines, combined with manual finishing. The species of wood used in the pieces destined for the South American market is tauari (Couratari olongifolia), whose use in the furniture industry is encouraged by Brazilian environmental protection agencies. For furniture destined for the Northern Hemisphere, the choice fell on beech (Fagus sylvatica), as it behaves more stably in the face of climatic variations in Northern countries, as it originates from there.

Sales are carried out in the most important storefronts in Brazil, run by shopkeepers chosen due to their commitment to good design and their penetration with interior designers, and in selected addresses in the United States and Europe.

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